Sunday, September 5, 2010

Only a year later...

We have been a busy bunch. I am still working full time. I was promoted to Center Director for the Kinder Care Orem, Utah center. It is quite a challenge but I am learning a lot everyday. Bryce is also enjoying his management position with Business Analytics. He recently ran in the Ragnar Wasatch Back Race. It is a team run of over 180 miles. He prepared really hard for it and had a blast. I might give a try next year. The girls had a fun summer. They went to Summer Camp at my Kinder Care center and explored various themes and met lots of new friends. They are both in school now. Teigan is attending the first grade dual immersion program. She is studying half a day in English and Half day in Chinese. She comes home with new words and songs everyday. She wants to be Chinese now. Brielle started Kindergarten a year early. She was bored with the preschool stuff and is very advanced too. She is one of the few girls in her class but fits right in. She picked out an Iron Man back pack and Super Heroes folders for her school gear this year. She likes to choose the "boy toy" from McDonald's Happy Meals too. We are all healthy and grateful for all of our Friends and family who continue to support and love us. Have a great fall everyone!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A working mom is a mom not working

Hey ya'll,
I have been working full time the last five months and thus have had no time for blogging, life, or love. Hang in there and hopefully soon I will update this site with something fun. But for now I am being harrassed by a hunny who is hungry for Chipotle. lol I think I might have spelled some words wrog, oh well. typo

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daddy decided to take a day off and spend time with his girls. He took them to Spanish school, lunch, took Teigan to kindergarten and spent some one-on-one time with Brielle. Then he picked Teigan up from school and didn't tell the girls where they were going. Teigan was ecstatic when she realized they were pulling into the zoo parking lot...

"Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow. And we can stay all day!"

Baby snow leopards!

Baby elephants!

Lots of the animal moms and dads were busy last year. There was a baby elephant, baby giraffe, baby snow leopard, baby crocodile, baby orangutan and a couple baby tigers. The girls liked the baby animals the most.

Despite being away from home and the kids so much, I really like my new job as Assistant Director at the Kinder Care (child care center). Bryce has been super man lately. I come home and he has picked up the kids and made a fabulous dinner. Why didn't I start this sooner?

We have had a great summer. Lots of fun and work with our garden, going to the cabin on the weekends and just enjoying being together. We are excited for fall though. Teigan and Brielle already know what they want to be for Halloween......can't tell yet -- wait till the pictures come.

Monday, May 18, 2009

After a long and grueling year, we all made it to Bryce's graduation. I made him walk since he didn't with his bachelor's degrees. Here is a quick clip of him all dressed up. After the first ceremony, which included an address given by author David McCullough, we went out for lunch and to the movies to see Star Trek. (awesome) Later that evening, Bryce had his smaller ceremony for just his college. It was a great day and only the beginning according to Bryce. He is not done yet. He just has to decide where to go next.

We are all enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We hardly ever get a spring here in Utah. It goes from winter to summer. It has been great weather to get out and do hard labor yard work!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Go have a BBQ and get some sun!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dinosaurs and babies

A class field trip to the Dinosaur Museum proved to be much fun, even for Mom! It was our first experience with the massive creatures and the only thing that scared us all was the ginormous great white shark. We did not stop to take a picture. The museum was very hands on and kid friendly. The girls got to explore all kinds of fun things. Towards the end of the tour they uncovered their own dinosaur bones in a giant sand pit. I want to go back again without the kids so I can read all the information plaques, we sort of skipped those.

Next up....
Brielle cuddles with her new baby niece, Jedah. Brielle absolutely fell in love with Jedah the moment she saw her. She did not want to let her go! This is number six for my older but still very young sister. WOW! I can't compete with this! I have also really enjoyed being with the babe, she has that sweet baby smell and is so small. My baby isn't a baby anymore and that makes me sad, sometimes. Happy Spring!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has made a short video about Temples. It has one clip of the new Draper Temple that is now just a few minutes up the mountain from us. It is so beautiful at night when all the lights are on. It just glows. I want you all to know that I believe that Temples are like a glimpse of heaven on earth. The promises the Temple provides are glorious. One promise is that I can have an eternal family. I can be with Bryce and my girls after death. What a beautiful idea, a beautiful plan. Check it out.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Utah the happiest state!

So I just finished reading a few articles stating that Utah was ranked first in a Gallup pole for being the happiest state. It was quite interesting actually. It included questions about physical health, mental health, work, access to necessities, and how often you smile or laugh. I was most entertained at the blog comments that this stirred up. I find it very funny that so many people believe that Utah is happy because we are all "white Mormons on antidepressants who by the way suppress their women." Well, I can't argue there. I am a white stay-at-home Mormon on antidepressants. I am very happy.
This has given me the opportunity to reflect. Why am I happy? I have lived in seven or eight states, I feel like it has very little to do with the actual state but my state of mind. I am not just happy, but have joy and satisfaction in my life. It is because:
1) I have the most beautiful creations ever made ( I had a part in the making too) Teigan and Brielle.
2) I have an amazing, hard-working and might I add very attractive husband who loves me
3) I have the answers to life's most sought questions
4) Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to be HAPPY!
5) I am on antidepressants. Let me explain. I have a family history from both sides of my family of this horrible illness and have struggled with it since my youth. When I take medication, I am not just happy all the time ( ask Bryce) It merely allows me to be at ground zero and then have the clarity and choice to be happy. Mental illness like depression is an illness comparable to other illnesses that require medicinal therapy.
6) My community. I have neighbors who get up at six and run with me in the cold. Some others brought me soup when I had the flu for a week. I can take my kids to almost anyone in the neighborhood if needed and not worry. I have playgroups with great friends. These are wonderful people and no I am not just talking about the relatives, although they are also a huge part.
7) opportunity is all around me. I feel like I could be successful in anything. If you want to hear my latest ideas just ask.
The list goes on......... Why are you happy? Or maybe you are not....think about it. Hawaii was second. My birthplace. Hey maybe it is just me. I make everyone happy JK Comments please?